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Velada Tomasina

This has been one of the most exciting events here in UST. Here, we turn back to memory lane and live out the glorious years of 19th century, where men use to court and women forbid to show their smiles. Guardia Civil greated me “Buenos dias, seniorita” with their dark nifty clothing and sumbrero. As I tone down to my own Alipin Sagiguilid outfit, I see beautiful women being all maharlika and “Maria Clara”. I wonder if they found their own Jose Rizal within this Historical place he used to love?

I cater my interest to all vintage things. Small tiangge shops selling most about everything, from food to clothing. Let’s not forget the impromptu photoshoots everywhere. As if this gadgets existed long ago. People had to be so techie. Fastfood chains being flooded by girls in lacey outfits and boys in their black suits. Such a refreshing sight to see. I hear kalesa strolling around the campus, the sound of trumpets and beautiful music from the orchestra. Nostalgia…yes, that feeling of longing. How I loved to live in the past, but wait. Tick Tock. Times up, we have to go back to our time now for this day of abaca and bakya will fade away…like a symphony that turns into silence as it ends. I will surely remember, the day of a glamorous Thomasian celebration.

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