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30 Days of Shipping ☆ Day 08: The pairing with the most baggage.

Romeo Montague x Juliet Capulet

The way I understand this category is “the couple that has a lot of problems”. Of course, I’ll vote for Romeo and Juliet. This is the most popular love story of all time and I think it deserves the title. Their love is so beautiful. Though, when I was young, I find it ridiculous. But people change and became hopeless romantics. I’ve always like these kind of pairs, the ones who are being separated by fate. FYI, this is from the 1968 which I prefer more than any versions. Well, Leonardo’s pretty cool and the anime version is superb but this will always be my favorite. I ship this couple so hard, even the actor & actress, I want them to be together. But of course they’re 60’s and prolly married to someone else. *sigh* I’ll go down with this ship…with most of the people in the world. Except if you want Rosaline and Romeo to be together.

PS: Isn’t Leonard Whiting (Romeo) look like Zac Efron mixed with Josh Hutcherson? And Olivia Hussey (Juliet) is probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen…I swear to God she is.

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